As a former playing professional, and now  a teaching professional for over 25 years, I continue to gain an understanding of what it takes to develop each individual to reach his or her greatest potential. Whether a players goal is to attain a national ranking, or to make their high school team, my students learn that tennis is more than just skills, coordination, and winning. My commitment is to challenge each student to reach beyond being a great tennis player and become the best person they can be-on and off the court.  
                                      -Ross Coleman            
       Hawk-Eye Champion Sophie Chang 


Weekly Tennis Tip:

The First Priority
The ability of a player to keep his focus solely on contact without distraction will determine his ability to compete successfully. It may not be easy at first but, if you really trust yourself to focus on the shot execution and the contact point, that is primarily only what is in your control.  This allows anyone to play at their highest level under even the most challenging situations. By limiting your distractions and zoning in on what is the primary goal (great contact) you will be what many players call treeing. Thats a good thing!!
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